Kobold RCD Series Differential Pressure Flow Meters

5-35 GPM, 1 NPT: Bronze: 4-20mA and 1 NPN switch: Calibrate for specific gravity other than water (1.05) KO/RCD-1140GN8C34P-C: 20-114 GPM, 1 1/2 NPT: Bronze: 4-20mA and 1 PNP switch: Calibrate for specific gravity other than water (1.05) KO/RCD-1155GNBC34P-C: 30-280 GPM, 3 NPT: Bronze: 4-20mA and 1 PNP switch: Calibrate for specific gravity ...

Oil Flowmeters | McMaster-Carr

Flowmeter. Flowmeter with Pressure Gauge and Valve. Designed for more than 10 times the pressure of standard flowmeters for oil, these are rated for pressures up to 3, 500 psi. They install directly in your pipeline. The dual scale shows readings in both gallons per minute and liters per minute and rotates 360° for viewing at multiple angles.

Doppler Flowmeter - Pressure Transmitters and Temperature

Rev. 01/11 -1.4- Series DFXD Page Control Relay Module 3.10 Rate Pulse Output Module 3.11 Instrument Programming Keypad Operation 4.1 Totalizer Reset 4.2 Measurement Units Selection 4.3 Engineering Units Selection 4.4 4-20 mA Programming 4.7 Rate Pulse Programming 4.9 Dual Relay Configuration 4.10 Change Password 4.12


Output #1 4-20 mA 1 Rate Pulse 2 Totalizer Pulse 3 None N Output #2 4-20 mA 1 Rate Pulse 2 Totalizer Pulse 3 20 feet [6.1 m] 020 50 feet [15 m] 050 Cable Length 100 feet [30 m] -Maximum length 330 feet [100 m] 100 TYPE OF FLUID Please provide the name of your fluid, including operating density and viscosity

FV100 | Vortex Shedding Flow Meter and Temperature

FV100-T Units (Flow/Temperature): 8-pin male micro connector. Alarm Output: SPST SSR, NO or NC operation, selectable; dual alarms for flow/temperature units. FV101 and 102: 250 mA @ 30 Vdc up to 66°C (150°F) FV103 thru 108: 125 mA @ 30 Vdc up to 66°C (150°F); reduced current rating at higher temperatures.

ultrasonic flowmeter ,transit time ultrasonic flowmeter

The flow meter operates by . transmitting and receiving a frequency modulated burst of sound energy between the two transducers and measuring the . transit time that it takes for sound to travel between the two transducers. Linearity: 0.5%, Repeatability: 0.2%, Accuracy: ± 1 % Easy to operate. Several type transducers for selection, measuring

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Flow Meter, Flow Meters, Flow Measurement, Flow Rate Products

Water flow meter sizes are stocked from ½" up to 2" single jet and multi jet designs with or without pulse outputs. Industrial flanged water flow meters are also available. Nixon Flowmeters are experts in the manufacture, selection and supply of flow measurement equipment and any type of flow meter can be specified and supplied.

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317 PFA Vortex Flowmeter

- Contamination-free molded PFA body - Flow range - 0.1 to 40 GPM (0.4 to 150 L/min) - High accuracy ultrasonic vortex design - Compact size - Outputs - 4-20mA or pulse

Ultrasonic flow meters types & technical guide

Sep 10, 2019 · Ultrasonic flow meter Types. (5) Ultrasonic flowmeters for partially full pipes and river channels that combine liquid level measurement and average velocity measurement. (2) Fixed (standard pipe section) ultrasonic flowmeter. …


Nicole Jackson. (See Hours of Operation, above). Novellus C-1.

Pressure Transducer|Transmitter 4-20mA/Voltage-Sino-Instrument

Nov 10, 2021 · The SI-300 4-20mA/Voltage Pressure Transducer, also called pressure transmitter 4-20mA. It is a pressure sensor with 4-20ma/Voltage output. 4-20mA Pressure Transducer can be OEM as differential pressure, explosion-proof, or sanitary, just as you need.Ideal for OEMs, process applications, water processing, and industrial pressure applications.

Paddle Wheel Water Flow Meters

Description: ¦ Portable ¦ Compact ¦ Rugged ¦ 240oF Rating ¦ 100 PSI ¦ 1 to 8 GPM - or .5 to 2.5 GPM ¦ 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” Brass Quick Connect Couplings on Quickcheck models. ¦ Solid brass end caps ¦ High temperature polymer body ¦ Can be mounted in any position Liquid Volumetric Flow Rate: 0.5000 to 8 GPM; End Fittings: Threaded

Products - Flow - Flow Meters - Page 1

Battery powered inline paddlewheel flow meter for pipes 1/2 to 4 inches. High accuracy, low cost option for both corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. Availability: In stock. Compare. Starting at. 9.00. View Details Choose Options. Neptune Neptune T …

Square Root Scaling For Differential Pressure Flow Meters

First, normalize the signal to 0-1, where 0 is 4 mA, 1 is 20 mA, and 0.5 is 12 mA. The square root then makes sense, as the root of a number >1 is smaller than the number. But the root of a number from 0-1 is larger: √0.5 = 0.707. So if you have a 12 mA signal from the DP cell, that’s 50% DP, but 71% flow rate.

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1/4" - 1" Variable Area Piston Flowmeter for 5 GPH

Standard 2 wire, loop-powered 4-20 mA DC analog signal flow rate transmitter. 10 to 30 VDC, 25 mA input. HART Transmitter The Highway Addressable Remote Transducer protocol is a digital industrial automation protocol that can communicate over legacy 4-20 mA analog instrumentation wiring and is known by its acronym HART.

½ ¾ HTTF Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flow Meter Mounting Orientation Acoustic Couplant Application Good location for mounting Flow Meter Transducer can be Mounted in any Orientation FLOW FLOW Pipe Material Measuring Range 1-¼" Pipe Size ½" ¾" 1" 1-½" 2" * Varies due to U-bolt configuration 2.375 (60.3)* 2.125 (54.0)* 2 - 38 GPM 8 - 144 LPM 1.8 - 27 GPM 7 - 102 LPM 1.5 - 18 GPM ...


BASIC INLINE LIQUID VARIABLE AREA FLOW METER. Ideal for monitoring pump ... 1-10 GPM. 1-15 GPM. 2-20 GPM. 2-25 GPM. 4-30 GPM. 4-40 GPM. 6-50 GPM. 6-75 GPM.

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Huadianauto Store has All Kinds of Dc Voltage Transducer Sensor High Accuracy Voltage Transducer 4 20ma Output,Dn32 Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter 220V Sewage Flow Meter Mud ,Electroplating Wastewater Flow Meter,4-20ma 20m intelligent wide range ultrasonic tank water level sensor with long range ultrasonic sensor and more On Sale, Find the Best China null …

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Flow Transmitter 4-20mA Current Output Calculator

This flow transmitter output calculator uses the following formula to calculate the output over a 4-20mA range: Linear mA out = 4 + (16 x ((Rdg – Low Limit) / (High Limit – Low Limit))) Parameters Unit. Enter the unit used for measuring flow, e.g. m³/s, gpm, gallons per second, litres per minute, tons per hour, kilograms per day, etc ...



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GPI Flow Meter Manual | Download Product Manuals at GPImeters

G2 4-20mA Transmitter Module 4-20mA Transmitter (GA500, GA510)

User s Guide

F. Connect either the 4-20mA, pulse output or both outputs to ... 1to 40 FPS [0.03to 12.4 MPS] 0.5 to 25 GPM [20 to 850 BPD] 1.0 to 55 GPM [40 to 1800 BPD] 2.0 to 100 GPM [80 to 3400 BPD] ... Power for the FDT-30 flow meter is obtained from a direct current DC power source. The power source should be capable of

304SS Liquid Turbine Flow Meter with 4-20mA Output

Mar 15, 2021 · The FTB-800 Series is a low cost Liquid Turbine Flow Meter with a 4-20 mA output available in 12 sizes covering flow ranges between 0.176 to 880 GPM. The FTB-800 Series Turbine Flow Meters are designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous flow measurement applications. The meter features a 304 stainless steel housing and rotor support ...